DSC_9570I’m just a gal on the ultimate quest to health & fitness through Strongman training, CrossFit, and occasional chocolate treating. I have an addiction to caffeine, I collect far too much Wonder Woman junk, and I’m the 3rd HW Amateur Strongwoman in Ontario, 8th in Canada after the 2017 season. When I’m not lifting strange objects or pulling trucks, I’m either at the Paleoethics office where I work as a Communications wizard, or at home with my two pups and husband, Chad, who is also a Strongman enthusiast. I’m also occasionally on auntie duty when my little Obee is around. We typically like to hang out at Love Love Food Shop and share delicious cupcakes made with love by my favourite baker and friend, Tony.


I’m currently training to compete in the 2018 season with CASAA. It’s basically the  Amateur Strongman League in Canada, and the best platform to test your strengths in the sport. I’m looking forward to this season, despite a recent back injury.

Nutrition Coaching

I recently completed my certification with Precision Nutrition. As a Pn1 Coach, I can help folks reach their nutrition goals with a simple, yet detailed approach. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge because for too long, I struggled to understand how to properly fuel my body. If you want to learn more, you can check out my nutrition page.

My Tribe20171029_180951

Wonder Woman is known to have Super friends, and I’m no different. I’ve got a few key people in my tribe that truly light up my life, and I’m grateful that I have them in my corner. Expect that in the next year, you’ll get to know more about each and everyone of them! Some are near, others are far, but they all make my heart smile.

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