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We are Stronger Together

It’s International Women’s Day, and I’m delighted to see so many wonderful posts about women all over the world who are inspiring, empowering and encouraging one another. There are some truly remarkable things happening thanks to the knowledge, courage, resilience, and yes, even beauty these wonder women have to offer. Some are fighting wars and shouting for equality and justice on the global platform. Others are putting themselves in the spotlight and speaking out against their oppressors. Voicing to the world that they’ve had enough. Women are challenging the status quo and leading conversations about self-love and body acceptance. And in between all of the women who are in a position to influence major change, there are women like you and me.


It would be easy to believe that our actions couldn’t possibly make the type of impact that those with larger audiences can, but I disagree. We make up a huge part of this conversation, and our contribution shouldn’t be ignored. We’re the ones supporting our friends in their small business ventures. Encouraging our gal pals to take a leap of faith when they are on the fence. We’re the ones holding each other up on days where it seems impossible to stay the path. We’re also the ones setting the tone for the young girls around us. More than ever before, the little women in our lives need to be encouraged for their individuality, cheered on for their wild spirits and empowered to chase their dreams. But how can this be done if we are not doing this for our best of friends, our sisters and most importantly, ourselves?

When International Women’s Day presents itself, I always circle back to the same conversation. We are stronger together. We are more capable together. We are more powerful together. The women who paved the way for us didn’t put their lives at risk for us to have countless opportunities to take one another down. And while there’s still plenty of work to be done to open more doors and allow for further equality and change, we are very fortunate that their courage and strength have led us to where we are today.


I have and will forever be in the front row cheering on my tribe. Encouraging those who have the guts to chase their dreams and make them a reality. I will continue to have the conversation about building each other up rather than tearing each other down. And that includes self-talk. I urge you to do so as well. Not only today, tomorrow or the next week, but always. Every chance you get. I also encourage you to do some research to see that this day is about much more than patting ourselves on the back for being bad ass women. It’s about progress. It’s about human rights. It’s about something far more significant than my fluffy post.

The International Women’s Day site is a great resource to get started. You’ll find all kinds of information on this year’s campaign theme and maybe even be inspired to find a way to get involved. I’ve linked it below for your reference.


Coffee Count: 10 points for reading the entire post. 20 points if you’re already thinking of ways to better support the women in your circle. 30 points if you leave a comment with the name of someone who is doing a really great job of encouraging and lifting women up! Anyone have 100 points yet? Who’s having coffee with me?

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