3 Things to look for in your NY’s Weight Loss Challenge

Hooray! It’s the new year, and everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions! Topping that list is always losing weight, cutting back, leaning out. And while I’m all for making changes to live a happy, healthier life, I get really annoyed when I see programs and challenges claiming 21 days of this or 30 days of that. If you’re serious about taking the next step in making your health a priority, no short-term program is going to be sustainable for the rest of your life, but changing your daily habits will. Finally ready to take the plunge? Here are a few things I think you should consider when taking on that New Year’s challenge of losing weight and getting healthy!

(By the way, I hate the world resolution. Here are things you’ve been doing wrong, so fix ’em. Blah! Instead, I like to use the word goals. Here are things I want to accomplish this year. Here’s how I plan on making it happen!)

Look for something that encourages changing habits.

While it seems like the all or nothing approach may be the only way to be successful in your journey, it’s likely not the best way to see long-term results. Instead of making all kinds of changes overnight, start by identifying areas where you could improve and make small adjustments. For instance, I decided that I would stop putting sugar in my coffee. I knew sugar was wrong for me, so why would I want to start my day off with 2 teaspoons of it every morning? So ridiculous. The first couple of week was hard, but over time, it became the norm, and I didn’t need to think twice about it. Consistency is critical, and now I’m 4 years sugar-free in my coffee!


Find something that focuses on adding to your diet, instead of eliminating from it.

It seems like every new program is about reducing something from your diet. Eating fewer carbs, reducing fat, eliminating sugar. While I believe that all of those things are beneficial and have their place under specific circumstances, I opted to add nutritious foods to my meals instead of going full force and eliminating all of the crap I should have been avoiding. I started by making sure I was getting veggies at every meal. That I had good lean protein several times a day. Over time, I began to become more aware of how my good choices were affecting me positively, and I grew addicted to the feeling of feeling good.

Avoid short-term programs.

You didn’t get to where you are today in 21 days, so what makes you think that you’ll be well on your way after 21 days of corrected eating behaviour? It’s not realistic to believe that you can change all of the habits you have formed over the years in just a few short weeks. When you’re looking to invest money in a program to help you reach your goals, look for something that acknowledges that it will take some time. That hard work will be required. That education is key. Anything less is simply setting you up for failure.


I know the ads are crowding your feed. The commercials promising you 6 pack abs, and a tight tush was likely prominent over the holidays. Please don’t fall for it. If you are willing to invest in your health in 2018, invest in education. Read books, blogs, watch videos! Learn how to eat correctly. Understand why whole foods are better than processed foods. Reach out to professionals who can help you better understand that no 30-day program will fix the challenges you have experienced for years.

Coffee Count: 10 more for reading this. 20 more if you share the article with friends and family. Happy New Year, friends!

I still have 2 spots available for tomorrow’s start of the Back to Basics Whole Food Challenge. If you’re ready to start making small changes for long-term success, you know where to find me! Oh, and if groups aren’t your thing, we can totally work together one on one! Send me a quick note and we can totally make some magic happen!



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