Back to Basics Whole Food Challenge


It’s that time of year again! You’re already thinking about how you’ll be making adjustments to your diet to reach your 2018 health and fitness goals. The first step will be to figure out the best course of action, and that may be overwhelming. Soon the ads over social media for a leaner body, a 30-day fix, and the miracle shake will take over your feed. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and to believe that one of those programs may actually work. Especially with those before and after pictures that promise the moon. It kills me to think how many dollars will be spent by folks trying to reach optimal health, while still not getting the proper foundation and education on better nutrition. That’s why I figured my first step in Nutrition Coaching would be to put out a group challenge. I am truly passionate about helping people reach their goals, so if you’re struggling to get there, here are a few reasons I think you could benefit from this challenge rather than a quick fix program.

We’ll work on changing your habits.

It’s not what you do every now and again that will help you to reach your goals. If you really want to change, you need to look at the habits that you have developed. Do you have a lot of sugar in your coffee? Do you skip breakfast regularly? Do you exercise daily? As the weeks go by, we’ll work on identifying habits that you can change for the long haul. By taking baby steps and making regular changes, you won’t be overwhelmed by too many new rules. And if you think that this just sounds like a whole lot of work, you may be right. It didn’t take you 30 days to develop unhealthy habits so it won’t take 30 days to break them. But with consistency, you’ll get there and maintain it long term.

You’ll be educated.

Knowledge really is power, so we’re going to spend a lot of time learning. I know that when my trainers or coach tell me I need to do something, I always want to understand the why. Don’t just ask me to do it, explain to me why it’s important and help me change my perspective. That’s precisely what we’ll do together. If you can get a proper foundation of information, as the weeks go on you’ll be more mindful of the choices you make because you’ll understand how they impact your sleep, energy levels, and overall well-being.


We’ll focus on adding to your nutrition, not eliminating.

That’s right. While many programs want you to eliminate things from your diet, we’ll focus on adding to it. Not having enough veggies? Let’s squeeze them in there! Drinking too much coffee? Let’s drink a glass of water in between every cup. Instead of focusing on all of the ‘bad’ stuff you’re having, we’ll focus on putting good stuff in your diet with the goal of eventually making a choice to choose those ‘better’ options instead. Remember, this isn’t a quick fix. We want this to be a long-term switch for you, so we need to be realistic.

You’ll get a personalized plan.

No cookie cutter program will help you get the results you want. Everyone has specific goals, challenges, and capabilities. If I believed that one single plan could help everyone, I wouldn’t be an excellent coach. So, when you jump on board, you’ll get a customized plan to help you with your shopping list and your portion sizes. All built around things YOU like to eat with proper portions in mind!

You’ll have access to the best tool.

ProCoach is no joke. I’ve invested in this helpful online tool that is available on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone because I genuinely believe it lays the groundwork for continued success. Daily tasks, questions, videos that take no longer than 15-20 minutes per day. Plus, we get to stay in touch daily, and you’ll get to keep a log of your daily thoughts and progress.


New Years Eve 2012

I know it’s not easy to change. I’ve been there, but I also do that with the proper tools, it’s possible to reach your goals. Over the last 4 years, I’ve reduced my body weight by over 50lbs. I didn’t follow a plan. I didn’t have a coach. I didn’t have the knowledge. But I did have the will. So I read books. I researched articles. I signed up for the only program I believe genuinely had my best interest in mind, and I informed myself. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you. You won’t be alone. I’ll be right there with you, following my own advice and encouraging you to keep it up! If you’re over it. Tired of being tired. If you’re looking to finally be happy and healthy in the new year, maybe, just maybe this should be your first step.

Want more information on the challenge? Ready to sign up? Check out the details HERE. The fun will start on January 8th!

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